Skull Clothing

If it goes beyond the conventional and likes to give a bold, transgressive and different touch to its appearance, it has reached the right place. And here we propose a wide collection of skull clothes that can highlight your most hipster side wherever you are. Put it on and don't become one more!

Why buy skull clothes? Skulls are in fashion

For some time now, Skulls have been imposed, either in the form of jewels, accessories or gothic air garments.

There are many flagship brands of this style and make them a symbol, so that is why for a while we stopped seeing them in all kinds of accessories, accessories, footwear, clothing ... The Skulls are the ideal complement to your Outfit to give it a very chic rocker touch.

Bet on Skulls in your looks

If you think that the fashion of wearing Calaveras is obsolete because that of wearing a skull with two crossbones is one of the most radical "tribes", you are very wrong.

Now what they are wearing are the most cheerful, colorful skulls, accompanied by flowers, and all kinds of most festive prints.

The latest trends in the fashion world that have chosen to bet on the skull trend have been inspired by the catrinas of Mexican art.

These types of Skulls are very different from what you may have in mind because they are designs that use very cheerful colors such as fuchsia, yellow and pastel tones. They also tend to be combined with other types of very fashionable prints such as flowers.

That is to say, it is a tendency that bets to conserve its rebel side but giving a more feminine and romantic touch.

These types of prints have already become famous because many celebrities have opted for them as is the case of Rihanna, Miley Cyrus or Victoria Beckham.

So if you have not yet put a skull in your life is that you do not like to wear the first trends. The Skull trend is not only worn in clothes but also in jewelry and accessories of all kinds and some with Swarovski crystals. But the most of the most is to wear swimsuits and bikini with fashion print.

Surely now you think otherwise of the Skull trend.