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They call it Gothic fashion but you and I know that it is not a fad like the others. Gothic fashion is a philosophy, a feeling and a lifestyle. But for that reason we are not going to leave a fortune. Look at our catalog and hallucinate with the cheap prices we have.

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Gothic fashion for women and men

They may call you crazy or disturbed for deciding to dress in Victorian Gothic fashion. But who could resist such flashy clothes? What's more, isn't it in great cinematographic works like The Raven where the character wore similar clothes and nothing happened?

No matter what people tell you about Gothic clothing, it is a way of thinking that can last for years. For many, it may be a simple transition from one style to another, but it is good to experiment. Who knows, and if in the end it is what you were looking for?

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The type of gothic fashion you intend to adopt will depend a lot on you. The black, with the presence of some intense color such as red and violet is the most sought. Clothing must be made of leather, especially in men, with high boots (not military style but equally powerful), with a long jacket (also leather) and clothing with a slightly torn touch. Women can enjoy dispensing with this style to choose a lot of gothic aesthetic dresses, which give them a more gloomy and bleak image, which could well be the evil ego of the gothic lolitas.

Do not forget to buy the ornaments that are used in Gothic fashion, such as the use of piercings, paint the skin in white to look pale, bracelets with spikes, wristbands, grilles on the pants or t-shirt. The more sinister your appearance seems, the more you will stand out. But yes, in Skull Shop, the online store where you will always find the cheapest price.

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Have you just entered the dark and gloomy world of gothic clothing? If so, do you know how expensive this type of clothing is? You will stay so white from the impression when you want to buy something in any other place that you will not need makeup! But, to give a little warmth to the matter, we are. Get a break for your wallet with the fantastic prices from our catalog full of cheap offers of gothic fashion clothes. You will find everything at the best possible price! Take a look and you will find out for yourself.