Gothic Aesthetic

A woman wears a long black Medieval tunic adjusted to the body. Another, a lace dress from the 19th century. Both wear leather boots as footwear. They are not characters from a movie or a book, they are people of this century with their Gothic aesthetics.

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How is gothic aesthetics?

The Gothic aesthetic within the social, cultural and time / space / place relationship was retaining its principles. In its origins, Gothic aesthetics was related to Punk.

Gothic people generally wear black clothes (dress code), as something symbolic, representative. The black color suggests mystery, fear, sadness, anguish, loneliness, sorrow, pain ... but also elegance, formality, and seriousness.

Black is not only present in clothing, but also in eyeliner and eye shadows, lips, nails and footwear, which are usually either heels, platform or military boots in the case of women and Men exactly the same but with the exception of heels.

Gothic gas mask

The women were opting for striking, velvet clothing (for a vampire appearance), long boots, pale faces ... usually with a "Morticia" style or striking hair colors.

Accessories? That's right, the Gothic being is also identified by the normally silver accessories: rings, chokers, claws, necklaces, crosses, etc.

In short, there is no stereotype to follow, everyone makes their style, their aesthetic; but it is clear that we have certain things that we share in common.

From the 80’s to the present, it has gone through several styles when it comes to dressing, some have evolved, others have emerged in the 90’s or relatively recently.

Military clothing, dish caps, bracelets, corsets, vinyl clothing, latex, phosphorescent, brightly colored, gas masks, aviator glasses, extensions, dreadlocks or dreads in the case of cybergoths, contact lenses of all colors ... no all gothic go black; Since there are several musical styles or subgenres, this also means that there are differences when it comes to dressing: military, vintage, fetish, even futuristic aesthetics are widely used.