Gothic Makeup

Gothic makeup does not understand gender, no matter whether you are male or female, well-applied gothic makeup can make you look spectacular and be the center of all eyes.

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How should gothic makeup be?

Gothic makeup has many variants depending on the extreme where this style is carried. But it has characteristics that any makeup should include, either soft or very ornate. The shade of the white has to be made up with a very clear base that looks pale and nuanced with white powders that give the face a soft and velvety texture.

The lips and the look are the other two fundamental features that must be pronounced in a gothic makeup. The lips should be outlined with a black color and mixed with a purple hue or blood color, so that they bring that sinister and gloomy style of Gothic. They should be very well marked and a gradient of color can be made from the profile to the inside of the lip.

Gothic makeup

The eyes are the part of the face that can be applied with more variations. The black eyeshadow is essential. This should be very exaggerated and can exceed the level of the eyebrows, painting some artificial ones above. It is also necessary to paint dark circles under the dark shadow and lengthen the look until it meets the eyeshadow from the top. Big dark eyes are typical of Gothic makeup.

Another option is to let the eyeshadow descend down the cheeks and to the sides, as if the tears in the eyes had dragged the makeup. Other colors such as red or purple can be added to the eye shadows to give it a more unique character.

Gothic makeup women

Eyelashes both above and below should be exaggerated, so many Gothic makeup uses false eyelashes to accentuate this effect.

As complements to this Gothic makeup you can add some piercings or paint on the face some spider web, sewn mouth, black nose as if it were that of an animal, sinister contact lenses or some rounded lines of the eye line.